Waterproof Socks

Geckowear Waterproof Socks are the new standard in hiking and running socks. 100% waterproof, breathable and insulated, the innovative triple-layer construction repels incoming moisture in addition to drawing excess moisture away from the feet - meaning your feet stay dry, comfortable and blister-free in even the most challenging of climates.


Why waterproof socks? 

Keeping your feet dry is about more than comfort. Dry feet keep you going for longer. Don’t let a surprise rainstorm or an impromptu hike across a boggy marsh cut short your adventure. Moisture also harbours harmful bacteria that can lead to itchy skin conditions such as athlete’s foot, and eventually, more severe conditions such as Trench Foot - Geckowear’s waterproof technology can help keep them at bay, even in the wettest of conditions.


How does Geckowear work?

Geckowear is the result of years of research and development. Our innovative and patented Triple Layer AirSkin technology keeps moisture out while letting sweat escape. This highly effective and breathable membrane ensures water or snow is prevented from creeping in over the tops of your boots or trainers. Geckowear is 100% waterproof, and rigorously tested to industry standards conducted via a hydrostatic head test to 8,000mm. Comfort is ensured too, as Geckowear socks are made from a variety of high quality outer and inner fibres, to suit both the activity and comfort of the wearer.


Where should I use Geckowear?

 Geckowear is for the adventurers amongst us. Whether you’re hiking, running, kayaking or cycling, Geckowear has you covered. If you hike through streams or across soggy marshland, Geckowear will keep your feet dry. If your adventures are closer to home, Geckowear will protect your feet during a heavy downpour, whether you’re walking to work or cycling along a country lane. If you like to spend time on the water, Geckowear is also perfect for activities such as kayaking or canoeing. Keep your feet dry when your boat takes on water, or while stepping in or out of your boat.