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5 Thrill-Seeking Activities In The UK

5 Thrill-Seeking Activities In The UK

Any adrenaline-junkee will know the feeling: when you take yourself to new extremes and that blood starts pumping, there’s really nothing quite like it. Finding the rush of a lifetime might have you picturing far flung destinations around the world, but there are plenty of thrill-seeking adventures to be had right here in the UK which are just as exhilarating. From climbing and caving, to water sports and flying without wings, take a look below as we explore some of the most adrenaline-packed adventures on offer here in Britain.


Not all adrenaline-packed adventures involve getting wet, but some of the best sure do and for our first pick, getting in the water is what it’s all about. Combining climbing, caving, jumping, swimming and exploring, coasteering is an amazing way to experience the rush of the sea. You can explore parts of the coastline that very few people visit and get up close with sealife in a unique and brilliant way. One of the top destinations for this in the UK is the Pembrokeshire coastline and there are plenty of organisations, like Celtic Quest, that run safe and exciting tours for all the family to enjoy.

The World’s Fastest Zipline.

If you’ve ever dreamed of flying, you’re in good company. Often the go-to superpower of choice, ZipWorld makes flying without wings a reality with the world’s fastest zipline that soars you headfirst across the Penrhyn Quarry at speeds of up to and over 100mph. As well as the undeniable rush of zooming through the air and feeling that cold wind against your face, you will also get to enjoy breathtaking views of Snowdonia whilst on your way down. 

White Water Rafting.

An ever-popular choice for thrill-seekers who love getting out in the water, white water rafting is an adventure that’s sure to get your heart racing as fast as those waves will take you. And there are tons of top destinations for this around the whole of the UK. Scotland, though, is often the number one choice for experienced rafters thanks to the rushing rivers and stunning highland views. Grab your wetsuit, waterproof socks, helmet and life jacket, you’ll be ready for the wildest of rides as your step on board for this ultimate thrill. 

Tree Top Climbing.

If you haven’t yet heard of GoApe, you’re in for a treat. Tarzan wannabes and high-climbing cravers can fulfill those tree top fantasies with a high ropes activity that ticks all of the thrill-seeking boxes. Swing, balance and leap from tree to tree across courses that take the adventure higher. Make sure you dress for the occasion - once geared up and safe in your harness, those running socks will come in handy as you’ll need all the comfort and freedom of movement you can get to make the most of your time in trees. The best part? There are GoApe locations across the whole of the UK so you can always find one close to you.

Adventure Caving.

Caving can be a thrilling experience as it is - discovering new hidden worlds and being inspired by the wonders of nature. Adventure caving? This takes the experience to the next level. Wild Wookey Adventure Caving will have you exploring one of the world’s most magnificent caves like never before. This adrenaline-fuelled, high-octane, exhilarating experience is hidden deep below the surface of the rolling Mendip Hills and will have you crawling, climbing and abseiling your way through a stunning subterranean universe. 

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